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East Texas Legal Video will shoot to your specifications.  Whether it be time and date stamp on/off or your choice of a variety of backdrops to best coordinate with previously produced video, just let us know and we'll deliver.  We use proven state-of-the-art equipment and always shoot with a master and at least two backups.  We believe in being safe rather than sorry.

ETLV gets to your job well ahead of time to set up and be ready when you are.  We are affiliated with court reporting agencies, property management companies, and other resources, that allow us to secure, if available, conference room locations in Longview, Texas, Gilmer, Texas, Marshall, Texas, Jefferson, Texas, Kilgore, Texas, Tyler, Texas, Mt. Pleasant, Texas, Pittsburg, Texas, Texarkana, Texas, and Shreveport, Louisiana.  Let us know if you need conference room accommodations and we'll contact our resources.

Our reporting agency affiliates always appreciate it when we can bring a deposition booking to them.  We encourage you to let us be your "hub" for all your scheduling needs, be it videographer, court reporter, interpreter, conference room.

East Texas Legal Video offers in-house certified video transcription services, whether it be a deposition you want to schedule with us for video only (Rules of Civil Procedure permitting) or a previous video taken by another legal video agency.  We also offer audio transcription from digital audio as well as standard audio cassette tapes and microcassette tape transcription.

Have an ASCII file you need converted to E-Transcript?  We can do that for you.

Have an MPEG-1 you need synched with transcript?  Send us the MPEG-1 and purchased transcript ASCII and we'll synchronize at a reasonable cost.  

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